Tips for Generating More Local Insurance Leads

Generating local insurance leads is a vital part of building a profitable and sustainable insurance business. Without leads, after all, it will be hard to consistently attract new clients, which will make it hard for your business to survive over time. While this is an essential aspect of any insurance business, generating leads is also very challenging. Below are some tips for how you can generate more local insurance leads that can lead to a bigger client base.

Brand Yourself in the Community

If you want people in your local community to notice you and turn to you when they have insurance needs, you’ll need to make yourself known in the community. Marketing and advertising will help in this regard, but you can also brand yourself by being active in the community. You can do this by volunteering at local events or at local food pantries and other service events. You can join business and community networking groups. Or, you can sponsor a local youth sports team. There are countless different ways that you can brand yourself in your local community, so get creative about how you do it.

Create a Referral Plan

Referrals can be some of the greatest leads you’ll receive. They are considered high quality because they typically come from someone that a prospective client trusts. For instance, when a satisfied client refers someone else to your business, they likely have already told that other person all the great things you’ve done for them. This makes the job of converting a lot easier for you. While they are among the highest-quality of leads, referrals aren’t easy to generate. You can sit back and hope that they’ll come your way, but to really have leads come in this way, you need to create a plan. One example is creating a rewards program for current clients who refer a new client to you. This could come in the form of a reduced monthly premium or other rewards that are a benefit to them. The better incentives you provide, the more likely you’ll get referrals.

Go Digital

The internet has made branding and marketing easier today than it ever has been. You can reach your target audience in more effective and efficient ways today, meeting people where they are. To do this, you need to first build out a solid online presence. This should include a well-designed website that provides not just all your information and what you sell, but also positions you as an expert in your field. A great way to do this is to write a blog where you provide tips and guidance on insurance-related items. In addition, you should create social media pages on all the platforms that make sense to you. Instagram, Facebook and X — formerly known as Twitter — are a great place to start, and you may also consider TikTok depending on your target audience. It only takes a minimal investment to create a good-looking website and active social media pages, and the impact can be enormous. And once you have a solid presence established, you can initiate digital advertising campaigns on search engines and social media platforms to generate solid leads.

Don’t Forget Tried-and-True Marketing

While a lot of the focus on marketing and advertising today is on digital means, it’s also a good idea to not forget about the classic marketing avenues. This could prove to be especially important if your target audience is older and not as digitally-savvy as younger generations. You can generate solid leads through advertisements in local newspapers, on billboards and even on TV or radio. Printed mailers sent directly to people’s homes is also a great way to stay top-of-mind when people may have an insurance need. You can either send out generic mailers to a massive list, or you can send specially-targeted mailers to smaller lists. For instance, you can scan marriage announcements or new home sales and send mailers to these people with the products you’re offering that can help them in their new life situation.

Host Educational Events

After you’ve established yourself and your business, you can also generate leads by hosting educational events for the community. You can invite a select number of prospects to a luncheon event, where you provide them with a free meal in exchange for educating them about a specific insurance product that you sell that could help them. This could be a great opportunity to generate new leads because you’ll get to meet and talk with new people in person. If you make a good impression on them, they could serve as good referral sources, even if they don’t purchase an insurance product from you.

Discover the Good Life

We understand that all of this information can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be when you have the right support. At Good Life Insurance Associates, our experienced insurance sales associates are here to provide support and training for both new and experienced agents. To learn more about us, remember to explore our business support services. Or, to speak with a member of our team about your journey to becoming an independent agent, contact us today!

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