Insurance Support Services

At Good Life Insurance Associates (GLIA), we are dedicated to providing an exemplary level of service. Our mission is to aid in the streamlining of business operations and day-to-day activities of our affiliated independent agents/agencies.

With a full range of insurance support services, we can help you modernize your practice to grow your business, simplify processes, and scale your business to the level you deserve.

The Insurance Tools & Services You Need to Succeed

Our insurance support services

Agent Portal & Technology

Access the latest insurance agency technology—like iGo, iPipeline, CSG Quoter, Annuity Rate Watch, and more—that can help you modernize your practice and improve the experience for both you and your customers.

Back Office Support

Administrative tasks can quickly eat up your time. If your paperwork is piling up, we’re here to help. Let our experienced and professional back office support staff handle your administrative work for you.

Business Development

We are dedicated to the success of the advisors and agents within our network. From strategy to implementation, we can help you create a customized plan to grow your insurance business.

Case Design

Designing cases for your clients can be very time consuming, taking away from your ability to serve more clients. Our experienced agents can handle the case design process for you, so you can meet with more customers and do more business.

Case Management

Our experienced agents can handle the time-consuming case management process on your behalf, managing claims and working with clients to help ensure they understand the process every step of the way.

Marketing Services

Reach more customers and grow your business with expert insurance marketing services. We offer robust marketing solutions, from website development and content marketing to search engine optimization, digital ads, and more.

Sales Support & Training

Are you new to the sales game and need some assistance getting started? No problem. Our experienced insurance sales associates are here to provide support and training for both new and experienced agents and advisors.

Tech Support

Don’t let trouble with your office technology slow down your busy work day. Our tech support specialists can help you resolve your issues so you can experience as little down time as possible.

Our Carriers

In addition to our insurance support services, GLIA provides advisors within our network access to a full range of insurance products through over 100 national carriers.

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