The Best Insurance Companies for Independent Agents

One of the biggest benefits of being an independent insurance agent is the ability to choose the insurance companies with which you’d like to work. You aren’t tied down to one insurance company, offering you a type of freedom that captive agents can’t enjoy. But, each insurance company has its unique benefits. So, how do you choose the one that is right for you? Start by researching the best insurance companies for independent agents.

Below, we’ve done the research for you so that you don’t need to spend countless hours searching. Read on to discover the best options for independent agents. Or, if you have immediate questions about where to start your career, contact us at GLIA today. We can’t wait to help you on this exciting chapter in life!



9 of the Best Insurance Companies for Independent Agents


GLIA is the leading insurance marketing organization, also known as IMO, on the market. By working with GLIA, independent insurance agents have access to a full range of different insurance services, products, and tools at their disposal.

GLIA helps its clients overcome the challenges of working as independent agents, including connecting them with many of the premium insurance carriers on the market. Independent agents can work with GLIA on a wide variety of insurance products, including life insurance, long- and short-term care insurance, disability insurance, Medigap, fixed annuities, property and casualty insurance, and dental and vision insurance–just to name a few.

The best part about GLIA, though, is the huge selection of support services they provide independent agents. This includes an agent portal and vast technology, back-office support, sales support and training, contracting assistant, business development support, tech support, and even marketing services.

2. National General Insurance

National General Insurance offers independent agents the ability to sell property and casualty insurance, including commercial, personal auto, motorcycle, and RV. The company provides training and support to all its agents across the country, and they’re always looking for ways to remain innovative.

One of the biggest downsides to National General Insurance, though, is the limited insurance products they offer. If you want more than just property and casualty insurance, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

3. Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide is a recognizable national insurance brand, which is the main draw to working with their company. They offer retirement products in addition to insurance products, which is another benefit. The company offers proper support to its independent agents, as well as many tools to help them be successful.

A downside to Nationwide Insurance, though, is they have many captive agents working for their company. This means they may be less helpful to independent agents than those working for them full-time.

4. Markel Insurance

Markel is a specialty insurance company. If you have customers looking for unique insurance products such as for sports and fitness businesses, specialty properties, marine, or livestock and equine, then they are a good company to turn to.

A downside to Markel Insurance is also their upside–they are very specialized. You would only need to work with them if you have clients with these special needs.

5. Progressive Insurance

Progressive is another well-known national insurance company. This is a big benefit to working with them since many of your potential customers will feel comfortable with their plans. They specialize in auto insurance and the ability to customize plans for whatever their customers may need.

While Progressive Insurance has been named one of the best places to work, they have many captive agents that could take away from their focus on independent agents. In addition, Progressive doesn’t offer as many insurance products as some other companies.

6. Selective Insurance Group

Selective offers a decent range of products and works with independent agents to help them grow their business. Their model is dynamic, meaning it is flexible to work with all different types of independent agents.

At the same time, they don’t offer as many insurance products as some other companies, which is one downside to working with them.

7. The Hanover Insurance Group

The Hanover Insurance Group is very much focused on independent agents. They have even built specific solutions for these agents to help them succeed. They help with selling, marketing, prospecting, and even underwriting. This suite of tools is a huge benefit to working with them.

At the same time, they don’t offer a huge number of insurance products, which can make working with them challenging.

8. Travelers

Another relatively well-known company, Travelers provides its independent agents with a nice suite of services that includes onboarding, marketing and networking programs, customer support, and solid handling of claims as well. They also have a nice quote platform that independent agents can use.

The compensation package that they offer independent agents isn’t too attractive, though, making it a downside.

9. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

West Bend focuses on the wellness, health, and finances of its customers and independent agents alike. They are a fairly easy company to do business with, and many independent agents report it’s a nice work environment.

That being said, their suite of offerings isn’t nearly as extensive as some other companies, so you may need to supplement it with other companies.

Start Your Exciting New Chapter with GLIA

If you’re considering becoming an independent insurance agent, the above information should prove helpful in your search for insurance companies to work with. One of the best parts about being an independent agent is the ability to choose your path.

If you’re looking to join a team with a name big enough to make an impression but small enough to always remember your name, then GLIA makes the perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more about the career opportunities available for independent agents. We can’t wait to help you with this exciting new chapter of your career!