How to Find Qualified Annuity Leads

One of the most challenging parts about selling annuities is finding quality leads.

As any salesperson knows, it’s next to impossible to sell a product or service without a list of qualified leads. And while obtaining leads for certain businesses can be straightforward, doing so for annuities can be a little tougher. 

There are lots of approaches you can take to find qualified annuity leads, but which options are the best? Here are some guidelines to follow.

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Generate Your Own Leads

A quick internet search on “qualified annuity leads” will produce hundreds of results for companies promising to deliver for you. Some of these lead-generation sources might prove be successful, while others will not.

In all cases, purchasing qualified annuity leads will likely be an expensive proposition. More so than that, one of the biggest downsides to purchasing leads is, it won’t come from you. In other words, the people on the list won’t have any prior relationship with you — which could make closing deals much more difficult.

If possible, it is always best to try to generate qualified annuity leads yourself. It might be more work, but It will likely produce better results.

Define Your Prospects

Any time you’re embarking on a marketing project, you need to define your prospects. You can categorize them in multiple buckets, too, based on various factors so that you can adjust your message slightly based on these different characteristics.

Drawing on past sales experiences, you should create a main category or two of prospects. This should include:

  • Age ranges
  • Location
  • Income
  • Interests

Once you’ve defined your prospects with general characteristics, you can begin to reach out to them in various ways.


A simple step you can take is to create an advertising plan to find qualified annuity leads. This can include a multi-pronged approach so you can cast a wide net in your search.

You can purchase traditional advertising in newspapers, on radio, TV, or even on local billboards. You can then supplement those advertising pieces with a direct mail campaign that puts your message directly into prospects’ mailbox.

Finally, reach new potential qualified annuity leads through digital advertising. You can do this through search engine advertising as well as paid advertising on social media channels. Digital advertising is highly customizable and can quickly increase your outreach campaigns at relatively affordable rates.

Hold Seminars

A great way to take your marketing to the next level is to hold free seminars and even webinars. People like to invest their money with agents they trust. A great way to build that trust is to show people how knowledgeable you are about annuities.

Building credibility is often one of the most challenging parts about closing annuity deals, especially if your prospects don’t know who you are. Hosting a webinar or in-person seminar is a great way to build this credibility.

You can offer these completely free of charge. Make the topic interesting to people, too. This could be education courses on how to improve their tax situation or protect various assets they have. This way, it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to sell them a product.

Ask people to enter their basic information as well as an email address when they sign up for the seminar. Then, you’ll have collected extra information to follow-up with other marketing and sales calls.

The seminars can be very low pressure for the people who attend them, while at the same time giving you a group of people who could make for qualified annuity leads.


You can also get qualified annuity leads through colleagues inside and outside your industry. Building good relationships with other businesspeople is always a great idea. It can help your build your business in several ways.

Join local general networking groups and industry associations. This will increase your visibility in the local business community, and give you another source for exchanging leads.

Networking groups can be great for learning from other people who have been in successful in business. Also, once you’ve established a solid relationship with other members, they are likely to refer potential clients to you if they know of someone who might be a good lead.

Ask Clients for Referrals

Speaking of referrals, a solid potential avenue to find more qualified annuity leads is to ask your current clients. There is no harm in asking clients who you have good relationships with if they know of anyone else who could benefit from your services.

You can even create an incentive program for your current clients. You can offer gift cards or even cash for each qualified annuity lead a client provides you. This not only increases your prospects, but keeps your clients happy as well.

Cross Sell

While we’re on the subject of your current clients, don’t forget that your clients are great prospects for you, too. Not every one of your clients will be a qualified annuity lead, especially if you sell a diverse range of products.

At the same time, some of your clients may be a great lead for an annuity. Your clients change over time. 

Therefore it’s always important that you stay in touch with all of your clients on a consistent basis. A newly-married couple beginning their life together may only initially need life insurance, but could be a good fit for an annuity as they grow in life. 

Don’t get into the habit of putting your current clients in buckets that never change. Realize that as their life changes, you could help serve them in expanded ways.

Work with an Insurance Marketing Organization

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